Being able to understand and function in a globalised world with many different cultures is of outmost importance and thus, all students at Rødkilde High School are given intercultural competencies through a new cross-curricular programme. The objective is to challenge the cultural horizon of the students and provide them with tools to understand the interaction between cultures better. As part of this process, Rødkilde High School now teaches in Chinese language and culture in addition to our other languages English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. Furthermore, the students are given the opportunity to participate in language tests through special lessons in Goethe German and Cambridge English, which are admission requirements of a number of foreign educational establishments. Finally, Rødkilde High School focuses on establishing co-operation agreements with high schools outside Denmark and participating in international networks. This is done in order to enhance international and academic opportunities for both students and teachers. So far agreements have been signed with high schools in Grge Matic in Mostar and the A.P. Møller high school in Schleswig. Furthermore, the school continously participate in the Comenius programme and the UNESCO school network with focus on the Middle East.

Each year, Rødkilde High School also welcomes a number of international students from exchange programmes such as AFS and Rotary. These students come from all over the world and are placed in classes where they participate in the curriculum. All exchange students actively participate both in the school’s academic and social life by being a part of the school’s intercultural competence programme, language classes, offering work shops at Rødkilde High School’s birthday and give presentations about relevant subjects from their home country in their own class as well as other classes. Thus, these students become en integrated part of the school’s life and contribute to strengthen their own and the Danish students’ language skills and cultural understanding.