Rødkilde High School – a school in the lead

Rødkilde High School is beautifully situated by the fjord in Vejle. The high school has more than 800 students and 100 employees.

Rødkilde High School is almost 150 years old but appears today as one of the area’s best offers when it comes to a modern education giving the students in-depth academic insight into the four main subject areas: natural sciences, social sciences, languages and creative subjects such as music, drama, arts and media science.

Two subjects of great importance at Rødkilde are: teaching students to become globalized citizens and the importance of a sustainable future.

We are also a school which believes that all tasks should be solved in an innovative and creative learning environment. Furthermore, we have great focus on the working environment for both students and teachers which also includes the physical structure of the school.

Thus, we are a modern high school for young people who wish to continue their education at either Danish or foreign universities.