The fjord

Close co-operation with the community – The Fjord

Vejle Fjord is the school’s closest neighbour, and the school does not just use the fjord as a beautiful setting. The fjord, the nature around Vejle with its economic and cultural role in the area and the city of Vejle are included in many of the lessons both within the natural and social sciences.

In co-operation with the environmental centre and the municipality of Vejle, the students from Rødkilde High School work with environmental monitoring of Vejle Fjord. Equipped with diving equipment, cameras and note pads, they register the condition of the fjord and bring the registrations of environmental status up to date. Furthermore, the focus on the fjord environment has initiated a close co-operation with cities outside Denmark placed along a fjord for example, Schleswig in Germany, Cap Verde Islands and Lysekil, Sweden.

During physical education classes the fjord is also used for kayaking. Additionally, Rødkilde offers its students sailing and diving lessons and participate in events on the fjord such as match racing.